Flexible solutions for your analytical needs

Flexible solutions for your analytical needs 2017-03-27T16:45:16+00:00

Mission Statement

Analytical Forensic Associates mission is to consistently deliver exceptional forensic analytical services to our clients with unbiased professionalism and integrity and to produce accurate and peer-reviewed results reported in a clear, objective and unambiguous manner all while providing unsurpassed customer satisfaction.

Statement of Values

Analytical Forensic Associates has been built on the core values of quality, honesty, integrity, loyalty and fairness to our customers, employees, vendors and colleagues. Our corporate structure allows for the growth and the development of opportunities for all of our employees who are dedicated to achieving the Company’s vision as well as for the continuous improvement in customer service, quality, analytical capabilities and developments.

We endeavor to achieve and promote

  • Exemplary customer service and satisfaction
  • The highest standards of integrity and ethics by always doing what is right
  • Growth for our clients and industry through research and training
  • Our commitment of value to our clients by supporting open communication and feedback
  • Continuous improvement and empowerment of our staff through continuing education and industry, peer and leadership programs
  • Professional pride in our work and continued excellence
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