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Evidence Transmittal  View And Print PDF | Fill Out Online
All evidence submitted to the laboratory for analysis must be accompanied by a completed Evidence Transmittal form. Feel free to use your own evidence transmittal or download our fillable form.

Vegetable Oil Authorization View And Print PDF | Fill Out Online
The analysis for drying oils and other vegetable oils subject to spontaneous heating is a destructive test. AFA requires written authorization prior to the extraction of the sample(s). Please download and complete this form and either fax or email to us.

Vehicular Fluid Wear Analysis View And Print PDF | Fill Out Online
To determine as precisely as possible the source of component wear and to interpret the analytical data it is important to provide as much information about the lubricant as possible. For each sample of lubricant submitted for analysis, please complete the Vehicular Fluid Wear Analysis Form. While we understand that this information is not always available, the interpretation of the results and conclusions may be limited.

Evidence Disposal View And Print PDF | Fill Out Online
Prior to disposing of any physical evidence (positive or negative), AFA requires written authorization. For your convenience, please complete this form and forward it to AFA to facilitate disposal of your evidence.

Alteration of Evidence Authorization View And Print PDF | Fill Out Online
The analysis of debris for ignitable liquids requires the sample to be contained within a closed container (one gallon or one quart can). For your convenience, we can alter your evidence to fit in a suitable size container either by cutting or breaking however, we must have written authorization prior to altering any evidence.

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